photo essays

Beautiful Photo Essays from my adventures around the world.

"Photography is the story I failed to put into words." By Dustin Sparks


Khor Viraap(bottom most pit) and gorgeous Mount Ararat in the backdrop. 2 km away from Yerevan near Turkey border is Khor Viraap Monastery. The Turkey border is just 200 yards

Etchmiadzin (Vagharshapat)is a day’s trip from Armenia. This small town is historically rich and also called the theological capital of Armenia. There are 5 churches here, all can be covered

Blue Mosque is a 15 minutes walk from Republic Square. it’s a rustic courtyard with apricot trees, flowers and fountains and I found the atmosphere very relaxing and calming. You

Please book your tour in advance for Ararat Brandy-Wine-Vodka Factory. The history of Armenian wine is centuries old however Brandy production started in 1887 in Yerevan. The wine and brandy

Visit the Armenian Genocide Memorial Complex to pay respect to the people who died in the Genocide. I bought flowers from the shop right outside the complex to pay homage.

The cascade starts with a marvelous and huge statue of Alexander Tamanyan, an architect of modern Yerevan. This complex is just two minutes walk from Opera. The Cafesjiancenter for the

Originally called Greghardavonk meaning monastery of the spear This Monastery is one of the magnificent sites in Armenia, very secluded and beautiful and located 36 km from Yerevan. I loved

Garni Temple was constructed in 1st century AD, is one of the oldest monuments of Armenia. It is around 25 km from Yerevan and one can reach here by bus