Khor Viraap(bottom most pit) and gorgeous Mount Ararat in the backdrop.

Khor Virap

Khor Viraap(bottom most pit) and gorgeous Mount Ararat in the backdrop.

2 km away from Yerevan near Turkey border is Khor Viraap Monastery. The Turkey border is just 200 yards away, barbed wire at the border can be seen from Monastery. This is one of the must-go places in Armenia.

Gregory the Illuminator, who started Christianity in Armenia was kept here for 13 years in a small underground pit. He was imprisoned by King Tiridates III to die but a local woman gave him food and water to sustain. Later when the king fell sick, his sister saw in a dream that Saint Gregory can cure him, and thus he was called. Saint George cured the King, this led to the beginning of Christianity in Armenia. The Monastery around the pit was built later in the 7th Century. You can reach here by bus or taxi. You can buy Souvenirs, water bottles, and snacks from the Shops right outside the Monastery. You get the best distant shot of Monastery and Mount Ararat from the road. Don’t miss it.

Armenia has it all from snow-covered peaks, superb cuisine, nightlife, trekking trails, to untouched lands, ancient history, modern culture, and to top it all, friendly and loving people, who will welcome you with an open heart. Children greeted us with a friendly handshake and offered us whatever they were having ….apricots or lav-ash.

Armenia is a perfect getaway for all, it may not be on the top of your travel list but soon will be popular vacation destination among tourists from all over the world, visit here when it is not overtaken by mass tour.

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