4th Century Geghard Monastery

Originally called Greghardavonk meaning monastery of the spear This Monastery is one of the magnificent sites in Armenia, very secluded and beautiful and located 36 km from Yerevan. I loved the formation of the mountains around, found them very unique and intriguing. Partially carved out of the mountain, here you can feel the richness of Armenian history. It is a UNESCO world heritage site. The main chapel here was constructed 1215 AD, whereas the monastery dates back to the 4th century and was founded by George the illuminator.

The Holy water stream flows right through the church and people offer prayers and make wishes here by throwing coins into the water. While walking up to the monastery, you will find vendors selling sweets and souvenirs on the roadside. I bought my favorite local snack, Roejig( Rojik ), strung on long strings, dry walnut coated with fruit syrup. It was delicious and fresh. You can cover this monastery in 2 hours.

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